The newest single by Jennifer Sullivan, "Burn Party" is the first track off Jennifer's forthcoming new sophomore album! 



That picture of you and her needs a lit match in the near future
Maybe it won't hurt once it's in the dirt
Breaking up sucks and so does she, and I ain't got the room for jealousy
Toss it in the stack, no looking back

Baby I know, it's hard to let her go, she's gone but not forgotten
And I wish she was but she ain't because her stuff is still a a problem

Ohh, let's set it on fire
Put all her old stuff in a pile, light it up and watch me smile
Ooh, stompin' out old flames, just forget about what's her name
Til all the pain goes up in smoke
Let it burn let it burn, let it burn, just set it on fire!

Every love letter every old t-shirt, every memory is another lesson learned
Just throw it out, throw it out
Let it kiss the ground, kiss the ground
The vows you kept and the sheets y'all slept 
and everything in the house she wrecked 
till everything's gone, til we're moving on moving on

Gather up the wood, it'll feel so good, when the past in the ashes
Get some gasoline, maybe some kerosene whatever gets 'er done the fastest...


Recorded in Brooklyn, "Somethin' New" is Jennifer Sullivan's debut album with an all-star band and jazzy country tunes that "sound like Norah Jones" (Billboard.Com). 




Jennifer Sullivan - Vocals, Mandolin, Guitar, Keyboards

Nicole Zuraitis - Backing Vocals

Spike Wilner - Piano, Melodica

Wayne Tucker - Trumpet, Horn & String Arrangments

Tivon Pennecott - Saxophone

Doug Goldstein - Banjo

Julian Smith - Upright Bass

Josh Davis - Drums

Alex Levine - Guitar

Rebekah Durham - Violin

Amy Kang - Cello

Roxy Coss - Flute

Ryan Cavan - Drums *Out w/a Bang

Steve Piccarelli - Drums *I'll Never Know, Autumn Moon

Danny PArente - Bassoon


Ordinary Princess

Jennifer Sullivan performing "Ordinary Princess" at Okeechobee Music Festival 2017. Cowritten with Trent Summar (hit songwriter  "Love You" Jack Ingram,  "Guys Like Me"  Gary Allen) the song's emotionally raw lyrics and wry humor is perfectly bittersweet.

By Jennifer Sullivan & Trent Summar

I'm the kind of girl, dreaming of another world
Wishing on daffodils, yeah, me and all the Jack and Jills
Staring through the looking glass, pray for love that everlasts
Never thought it would come true, once upon a time I met you

And it might sound a little outlandish, kinda disneyland-ish
Falling stars and midnight wishes, fireworks and magic kisses
Maybe happiness is jumping over fences
If the slipper fits I guess, I'm just your everyday,
Ordinary princess

Well, I got this old crown in some Texas bordertown
It was just a rusty fixture until you came into the picture
Now that sun is always, hear the bells and whistles chiming
It's finally the perfect timing, now it's only happy cryin'...